About Us

The Winely team


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Winely was founded in 2017 with interest from the co-founders regarding food tech and in particular how can we improve the wine lighting slots.

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Since then we have been working with AI specialists, bioinformatics, soil scientists, biochemists and robotic specialists to understand the future of the wine technology industry.

We have also talked to and engaged with over 400 winemakers in Australia and New Zealand to understand their problems, pains and barriers to both the pleasure in their craft and barriers to producing the best wine they can.

Closed beta signup – Early adopters

We’re looking for early adopters who what to try our newest versions before it hits the market.

We are currently looking for 50 winemakers to enter a closed beta to test our raw product. Your feedback and use of the product will be analysed it order for us to improve the product and iterate on it. This will mean the best possible version of the product for your use. As thanks for co-building the product you will receive the latest version 12-24 months before the public meaning you will always have the most advanced artificial intelligence help you produce the best possible product.

Winely Team

Jacob Manning 

CEO – founder

With a degree in biotechnology and accounting, Jacob leads the Winely team providing strong input in both the business and technology side. Prior to Winely Jacob built a business selling horticulture and agriculture products in NZ and Australia. He exited this and cut his teeth in the high tech startup world co-founding SuchCrowd, a startup that raised over $150,000.

Abbe Hyde 

CTO – founder

Previous CEO of SuchCrowd, Abbe leads marketing and validation for Winely. Her passion for wine combined with a Masters in disruptive innovation gives her the skills and curiosity needed to find the big pain points of our customers and see the next big technologies set to change the shape of the industry. Abbe is the go to for all customer queries and public relations.