Hire your first
AI Sales Agent

Expand your sales funnel. Streamline expenses. Witness the flourishing of your enterprise.

Our core strength lies in Sales Development Representatives (SDR) expertise, dedicated to propelling your service validation. Unlike conventional approaches, we delve deep into your service and market to connect you with pre-qualified leads actively interested in what you offer.

Handle Closing Duties ; Wine-ly will Bring Your Prospects to the Table

Your team excels in sales and development—let us excel in bringing your potential buyers to the forefront. Streamline your efforts, we've got the lead generation covered

Talk To Prospect

Inform Wine-ly about the primary objections you encounter and your strategies for addressing them. By doing so, your automatical SDR will adeptly leverage this information to persuade potential clients to schedule a call with your sales representative. Even in cases where your leads may not express immediate interest, Wine-ly will construct a tailored nurturing sequence, establishing a groundwork for future meaningful conversations.

Booking and Budget Optimization

Enhance the efficiency of your sales development operations using cutting-edge integrations and advanced generative AI technology from Wine-ly. Our automated system, Wine-ly SDR, ensures cost-effective meeting bookings with highly interested leads, surpassing the performance of traditional SDRs at just 10% of the cost. Bid farewell to missed opportunities as no prospect will slip through the cracks.

For Outbound

Integrate your ZoomInfo account or upload a spreadsheet, and let Wine-ly assist you in identifying leads that align with your ideal customer profile. Leverage insights beyond standard criteria like company size, industry, and role to power your outbound marketing efforts.

Strategies That Work

Why Opt for Our AI Software ?

  • AI-Powered Outbound Sequences: Provide us with your cold client list, and our AI will craft customized outbound email sequences, ensuring impactful first-time engagement.

  • Intelligent Follow-Up Sequences: Post-initial contact, our AI develops tailored follow-up emails based on the insights you provide, maximizing conversion opportunities.

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